” Breeder Management Aviary Equipment “


1. We produce not only the equipment but a comprehensive and innovative solutions that guarantee economic success.
2. We offer more than 36 models of equipment depending on the technologies that were used, breeds and climatic zones. This allows you to develop better quality project within the parameters of a particular poultry farm.
3. Production is carried out at its own factories and with the latest global trends.
4. Technological support of projects (higher effectiveness of use of our equipment).
5. We provide both supervised installation and “turnkey” installation.
6. The network of service and logistics centers allows quick delivery and maintaining of equipment.
7. Provide warranty and after-warrant maintenance throughout the lifetime of the equipment.
8. The quality of our products is confirmed by international certificates of conformity.


Cage equipment of TEXHA ensures the most optimal conditions for poultry. Design solutions of our equipment ensure achivement of maximum genetic potential of poultry. Every nest in a cage is equipped with a blind, providing comfortable laying conditions and improving egg production. The slope of the floor is 7°, allowing eggs to roll freely onto the conveyor.


The TEXHA company offers a reliable, effective and easy-to work watering system. It includes the water treatment unit, the system of distribution of water on batteries and drinking line for each tier.
– Water treatment unit consists of filter, water flow meters, medicators, locking valves, presure gauges (water presure regulators can be installed on request)
– Two watering lines (placed on different levels) with vertical nipple drinking bowls with a capacityof 50 ml/min with V-like dropcatcher are to be installed in each cage
– Drinking nipples are industriallymounted in square section plastic pipe by special equipment providing high quality of assembly and connection tightness
– 5,8 m long pipes are used to reduce the number of connections.


TEXHA offer automated feeding system with hopper feeder. Volumetric metering system is used for feeding. It ensures highly accurate feed distribution, enabling control over the weight rateof a bird, it also ensures even simultaneous distribution of feed at all the tiers. A hopper feeder can be adjusted for a certain tier. Feed tray design prevents fromfeed scattering.


Every cage is equipped with a nest with blind providing comfortable conditions similar to natural habitat. TEXHA offers lift and elevator systems for egg collection. In addition, it is possible to install conveyer system to transport eggs from the poultry house to the warehouse. It is also possible to collect eggs manually.


Based on accumulated experience of many years, TEXHA provides own microclimate system for poultry houses. It is developed in accordance with the climatic zones and design of the poultry houses. Microclimate system includes the following components: ventilation, air cooling, automation. It allows automated regulation and control of air temperature, level of carbon dioxide and air humidity in a poultry house.


Automation systems allow continuous data collection process, managing and monitoring of the production processes in a separate building and at whole poultry facility. TEXHA offers a wide range of equipment and various levels of automation and control of all poultry life-support systems. Due to our unique experience and expertise you will be able to choose the best automation and control system, considering its technical characteristics, functions and cost.


The basic package includes a system of intra-cage lighting. LED technology reduces power consumption by 4-5 times. The system provides a smooth “sunrise-sunset” which eliminates the stress of the birds. It is possible to adjust the light intensity. Uniform lighting of every cage provides the similar conditions for all birds and increases safety and uniformity of nock. Our lighting system is reliable, suitable for cleaning and disinfection.


Litter is removed by belts from all tiers simultaneously. The belt is made of high quality polypropylene of 1 mm thickness. It is cleaned at both sides with a special mechanism “clean-up scraper/shaft.” Manure removal system is fully galvanized and protected against corrosion. Steel hardened components are used for drive mechanisms. Manure is removed at the humidity up to 65%; there is no excessive evaporation. It contributes to a favorable microclimate in the poultry house.