“Pan Feeding Line System (Breeder)”

– The drive motor is connected to the feed sensor, which gives back signal to start and stop the motor automatically, It could meet breeder feeding requirement during every stage of growing period.
– All the feed pan filled simultaneous, which make the breeder could feed with same amount at the same time. Eliminate hungry hyperirritability, ensure uniform growth enhance egg production rate.
– Feed is delivered by disc-chain in the pipe, which greatly reduce feed damage. Closed feed delivery eliminates pollution and noise, avoid abrasion of feed pipe.
– Disc soft link ensure cycle supply of feed, easy for installation.
– Once suspension installation, lifelong use. Feeding density is 30% more than chain feeding.

Drive system

Gear Motor: 1.1 Kw or 1.Skw.
Feed delivery speed V = 30m/min or 40m/min
Drive system shell: stainless steel
Driving (driven) wheel: reinforced nylon
Designed with safety pin
With chain tighten device and emergency stop switch

Delivery System

Feed pipe: 4 hole /3 m pipe
Diameter of feed pipe: 4> 45mm
Material of feed pipe: hot galvanized steel, galvanizing thickness 250g/m2
Pipe thickness: 1.2 mm
Feed delivery capacity: 1.3T/h
Feed pipe could reserve 400-SOOg feed per meter

– HIGH STRENGTH DISC-CHAIN long lasting and anti-fracture
Disc is durable and resists breakage after special processing.
Breaking force: 1.6tons

Non-feed remaining corner

Corner and corner shell material- hot galvanized sheet or stainless steel, the idler material- cast iron.

Main features

– 4 feed pan per 3 meter, that is 750mm interval between 2 feed pans
– Feed pan diameter 360mm
– Material: PP
– Feed capacity: 12.5 bird per pan
– 16 grills, width adjustable from 40-52mm, 11 levels. Suitable for different type and day old of breeder.
– Feed hole height-adjustable from 70mm, 80mm, and 90mm 3 levels. When grill width is 52mm and feed hole height is 90 mm, the pullet could goes in and come out freely.
– When feed hole height is 70mm, the feed will not overflow.
– Feed pan capacity: 7 levels, 200- 630g feed per pan, and could meet breeder feeding requirement at different stage of growth.
– With slide shutter-off, could shut any feed pan freely.
– Pan bottom dish could be disassembled easily for washing. Hanging with grill, there is no need to disassemble pan completely when washing, easy and clean to re-assemble.

Male Pan Feeding Line System (Breeder)

– Diameter: 360mm
– Material: PP (polypropylene)
– Feeding capacity: 6 – 8 male birds/pan
– 9-grill design: enough eating space with more cock
– Clamps prevent the pan from rotating and keep the feed in the middle of the pan.
– Manual adjuster on the pan head can regulate the feed level of cylinder to the best position. Save feed to the great extent.