“Feeding Line System (Broiler)”

Broiler feeding system is composed of:

  • Hopper
  • Delivery pipe and auger
  • Feed pan
  • Feed sensor and drive motor
  • Hang piece
  • Anti-roost piece


Main Features of Broiler Feed Pan

– Typical 05 feed pan has 6 feed level, can be manual and automatic adjusted. Other two feed pans have 13 levels to adjust.
– Slide shutter-off can adjust feed amount from complete open to complete close.
– Adjusting the feeding amount of typical 05 pans convenient, fast and accurate. After pan is assembled to hold its grill, rotate up and down and fix position when regulating.
– Pan plate can be disassembled on the ground working as specially pan for 0- 7 day old chicken.
– V-pan plate design can reduce feed storage at pan bottom. Bird can have fresh feed every day. This design can also prevent bird from staying on the plate too long.
– Edge of pan plate tilt towards the center which can avoid the waste of feed.
– Smooth edge can prevent the bird craw from hurt and make sure safety and comfort feeding.
– Assemble type of the pan in the pipe can be fixed or swing.

Drive Motor and Delivery System

Drive Motor
(Tai Wan product, with overloading protection, IP54)
Power: 0. 75 Kw
VOLTAGE: 380 v
HZ: 50Hz 3-PHASE


Capacity: 115 L
Material: galvanized steel
Thickness: 1.0mm
Delivery System
Feed Pipe: 4 holes/3m
Diameter: q, 45 mm
250g/m2 Material: galvanized steel zinc 250g/m2
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Auger: Top rank quality origin in South Africa
Delivery capacity: 450 Kg/h

Feed Sensor

a. Feed sensor can be installed in the feed pan (NO), when there is lack of feed, motor will start and deliver feed: when there is full of feed, motor will stop (used for feed line and main feed line).
b. Feed sensor can be installed at the bottom of hopper (NC), function is just opposite with (NO).

Water Line System (Broiler)

– The nipple shell is made of high-quality engineering plastics, and the valve rod inside is made of high-quality stainless steel.
All these features make it anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and more than ten year’s longevity.
– Double-decked seal structure can effectively avoid wasting water and the resulting impact on the environment humidity.
– Stem can rotate freely at 360 degree to meet bird water demands of different periods.

Double – water inlet tube and flushing pressure regulator with larger water flow
Massive recoil tuner, stable tuning, high dexterity, sufficient and even distributed liquid, neat waterline reflush, save water and time standard double ball valve, easy to change

Water level indicator

The indicating tube is made from high-intensity and anti-resistance plastics, which can observe the water level more clearly. This is convenient to takedown and clean.

Front part of the drinking lines
Quality of the water is of high importance to most drinking system. Special design of our front part not only can supply water and dose medicine, but also wash sediment and dirt effectively with its large diameter clean-tube. All these can protect the system and reduce the workload.

Medical Pump

– It can dose the water solubility medicine automatically to prevent the disease.
– By using water pressure as power source instead of electricity, it is economical and reliable.
– It can regulate precisely the amount of additive and water ratio.
– Easy and convenient operation, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.