The worldwide leading position of LUBING Conveyor- Systems is based on the high level of safety and the individual adaptability of the systems. Egg transport requires individual solutions dictated by the location and size of the building as well as the set-up in the house. In more than 40 years of experience with egg conveying, LUBING engineers have developed three types of Conveyor-Systems:

LUBING Rod Conveyor
The LUBING rod conveyor is a stable and extremely robust way of transporting eggs over straight routes.

LUBING Curve Conveyor
The LUBING curve conveyor is a flexible system that can be used to negotiate curves and radii in a minimum of space.

LUBING Steep Conveyor “Climber”
The LUBING steep conveyor, “Climber”, conveys eggs effortlessly over inclines of up to 60° and thus, for instance, can overcome doorways and entrances in a minimum of space.

Advantages of the LUBING Conveyor Systems

  • Highest level of functional safety with minimum maintenance
  • Modular principle to easily adapt all the systems for curved versions, inclines and long distances
  • Conveyor width between 200 and 750 mm
  • Conveying capacity depending on system of between 15,000 eggs/h and 65,000 eggs/h
  • Extremely robust, durable design with low maintenance costs

The LUBING egg transport solutions are individually utilisable systems which can handle all requirements.