“TSIS Cage System”

Cage – superior suspension & real flexibility
TSIS steel wire cage is completely fabricated in our own manufacturing facilities which provide a consistently top quality products.

Cage door

Our cage doors are designed strong and allow all birds easy access to the feed.

Cage stand

Hot-dip galvanized cage support stand for super strong, rigid and better alignment from end-to-end.

Cage floor

Prime attention is focused on the construction of our cage floor for different types of cages.
For layer cages, the elastic and gentle roll-off slope ensure proper egg roll out troughout the laying span with minimum checked, cracked, or dirty eggs.

Drinking system

The cages come with standard nipple drinking system which features flow regulator or the ball tank with integrated flush system into the drinking system line.

Feeding system

Travelling hopper feeder system Consists of independent hopper on each feed line running on the round profile feed trough. Even feed distribution is easily achived and amount of feed can be regulated easily by simple adjustment on the levelling slide.

Egg collector

Our proven egg collector using elevator or rubber finger system ensures very clean eggs transportation from egg belt directly onto the cross conveyor.

Layer Cage System :
1. A-frame layer cage system
2. Naf layer cage system