“Starter & Grower Cage System”

Flat Deck Starter Cage

The slanting front cage height of 12″ is designed for easy birds handling. Special design of floor 3/4″ x 3/4″ grid provides strong floor support and comfort to the birds. Design to reduce injuries and provides clean and healthy environment to the birds. The ” feed access profiles ” are adjustable to accommodate the pullet size from day one and it also act as a barrier to prevent the birds from getting into the feed trough.
Benefits : Labour and feed saving, less mortality, easy monitoring and reachable.
Optional : Curtain and accessories, air exchange heater system, transfer trolley are also available.

Double Deck Grower Cage

Special floor design of 1″ x 1″ grid reduces and provides comfort and minimize injury to the young birds. Not only strong floor support, the cage provide very good air circulation and uniform lighting. The slanting front cage on our double deck grower cage system are designed for easy access and this enhance management of birds.
Benefits : Excellent uniform flocks, feed saving and less labour and less mortality.

NAF 3-Tier Start/Grow Cage

TSIS evolutionary Start/Grow systems combine the best of the starter and grower cage system to provide a two-in-one system for smoother transition of the chicks development. This system is especially designed for day old chicks up to three (3) months, all under one roof. This optimum use of space results in a more economical system.
Benefits : Increase capacity, labour and feed saving, less mortality, easy monitoring and accessibility.
Optional : Automatic manure removal system, curtain and accessories, air exchange heater system and transfer trolley are also available

A Frame & NAF Layer Cage System