“Storage and More”

Agritech builds and supplies a range of feed distribution carts of small size that are suitable for the transport of different agricultural products. They are particularly indicated for the distribution of feed to game or other free ranging animals, for the transport of granular fertilizer and the handling of corn.
The loading is effected through the top and the discharge occurs by a side screw conveyor, which is operated by the tractor PTO. The screw conveyor can be assembled either at the front or at the back of the cart and the inclination is adjusted by hand. On request, we can provide a hydraulic cylinder for the lifting up of the conveyor.

Agritech supplies a series of truck tanks in pressed steel plate, which are very suitable for the transport of animal feed and cereals.
The screw conveyor for feed extraction is operated by an hydraulic system connected to the tractor. The screw conveyor can turn 360° and the height of the outlet from earth ranges from mt 3,0 to mt 8,50.

Agritech manufactures and supplies truck tanks in pressed steel for transport and the distribution of bulk products. They are provided with a pneumatic, blowing unloading system. Agritech pneumatic tanks Mod. AP can be used to fill silos up to 10 m height with a delivery capacity of 7000 Kg/h. They are also equipped with a 7m flexible tube and a thread coupler to be linked with the silos filling pipe.

Agritect also manufactures and supplies tanks for trucks in pressed steel or in aluminium, with a storage volume from 22 to 33 m3, suitable for the transport and unloading of powdery materials, feed and grains. Tanks Mod. AM are divided into multiple cells, and each cell is hermetically sealed and independent from the other cells. The product extraction occurs by means of an hydraulic transmission system or by an auxiliary motor on demand.