This week we started a project of fans’ replacement in layer house, with MagFan.

In total there are 23 houses in 2 locations.

This is challenging as we are doing the replacement during the resting period before the new flock arrived.

The given lead-time is so short yet we have no problem with it due to the simplicity that we have with the MagFan design.

What makes the customer decides to choose MagFan and replace all of the fans in his layer houses?

The investment involved is definitely not small and it requires a lot of works and resources.

If you were the customer, as a farm/business owner, what drives you to take such decision?

The answer is profit.

Where does the profit come from?

The tremendous saving of MagFan.

Want to learn more on MagFan?

Please visit our website and drop us a message.

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