It started about a month ago.

The customer came to us and talked about his layer farm.

His farm performance is not at its best.

He invited one of the expert in the industry to visit his farm.

The expert pointed out the inadequate wind speed in the house as one of the factors.

The pad area is plenty. The building insulation is also good.

The solution is to add more fans.

However the end wall is already full with the current 7 fans. There is no more room for fan additional.

It is not recommended to add fans on the side end wall as the distance between houses is very close.

This is an opportunity. So we told the customer we have the solution but please give us one day.

We went back to DACS A/S. We discussed and agreed that MagFan Plus is the answer.

We deliver this message to the customer the next day.

“We recommend Magfan Plus. Not only you do not need to add more fans, in fact you can reduce to 6 fans only. Tremendous saving, ample capacity, and fits perfectly on the end wall. They are all that you’re looking for, aren’t you?”

Here goes another project of fans’ replacement with MagFan / MagFan Plus.

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